Ida, One of “Magic Centong” Architects Tuesday, Monday 20, January 2015

Ida, One of “Magic Centong” Architects Tuesday, Monday 20, January 2015


Ida Mursyidah (22), a student born in Pandeglang, Banten, is one of the students in the team "magic scoop". She tells her experience in winning the 1st position in the Innovation Contest, in which Ida and her team made the best preparation for the event.

The first was the tool preparation. A prototype of the tool of only10 percent finished was tested and ensured to work properly. The second preparation was for presentation, which was the most decisive. "We must know what were the points of interest from our ideas and how we could impress the judges", she said.

The third was financial preparation: finding sources of funding apart from personal money, for example forwarding making a proposal for funding to the Department, Faculty, and the Directorate of Student Affairs. Next was mental preparation. "Although I never thought to be a champion, but of course I had to be sure that what to be presented is the best," said Ida.

She also have received a number of other awards, such as from National Scientific Writing Competition (LKTI), Innovation Contest 2014 Jogjakarta, National LKTI in Surakarta Education Fair of 2014, the top 10 finalists of Tanoto Student Research Award from the Tanoto Foundation at IPB level in 2014, and the 1st Winner in the Political Debate Contest of IPB’s Women Forum held by BEM-IPB 2014.

Studying in IPB was Ida’s dream. "I am amazed with the problem-analyzing capability of IPB’s alumni who I know. The solutions given appear more applicable and holistic," said Ida, expressing saying her admiration on the Faculty of Human Ecology (FEMA) which she has chosen, "FEMA is unique, particularly, the Department of Family and Consumer Science (IKK). I see this is the science of the future. So it is very prospective in my opinion". (Mtd)