IPB Fetes the Indonesian Alumnus Prof. John Haluan

"Prof. John Haluan is a simple Professor, but his unusual was the number of both the undergraduate and graduate students whom he has mentored. According to the records, from 1976 to 2011, he has mentored 141 (one hundred fourty one) undergruaduate students, 48 (fourty eight) students of the masteral degee, and 76 (seventy six) students of doctoral degree programs, total  265 (two hundred and sixty five) students ". stated Prof. Dr. Ir. John Haluan, M.Sc., in his remarks at the Purnabakti (Retirement for the professor) Ceremony held at IPB International Conference Center, Bogor, on Saturday 9 July 2011.


Thus, on average,  he had graduated seven to eight students per year. This proves that Prof John Haluan has a good personal communication that lead him for successful interaction, as well as in mastering the discipline he is expert in.


As testimony by one of his students who is currently the Head of Sub Directorate of  Career Development and Alumni Relations (DPKHA) of Bogor Agricultural University, Ms. Iin Solihin, S. Pi, M. Si.  According to her, Prof. John Haluan is the faculty member who is always prioritize his students. He puts the essence as priority but he doesnt too rigid with the bureaucracy. Able to communicate well and appreciate highly his opponents even though they are younger far below him. Prof. John Haluan is a very professional teacher, who masters the materials he teaches. He really wants the students to understand what he teaches, practicing a student oriented method of learning. He always uses simple language for his lecture and  the reality found in everyday life for examples.


Prof. John Haluan is the Professor who is expert in  fisheries science and catched fishes  technology in Indonesia. He has contributed as well as donated a lot in the development and the application of the Systems for fisheries, especially the catched fishes.  Through his thoughts, then the application of systems for fisheries and the operations research, has become an integral part in the capture fisheries curriculum developed for universities in Indonesia.


Rector of the University, Prof. Dr. Herry Suhardiyanto in his remarks stated that to let a professor retire is a big loss for the University. However, the Bogor Agricultural University must let him go through this Retirement. " Prof. John Haluan has been serving the University for quite long time. Therefore, the University should acknowledge highly for his utmost dedication that he has contributed to the development of his discipline. He expected that the juniors will continue his dedication, "said Rector.


On this occasion, the Rector reminded that  the marine and fishery resources have considerable potential to empower as well as to provide the welfare for society. "Do not let the younger generation ignore this potential. Let's change the image of fisheries and agriculture in the broad sense, to encourage young generation  to explore and develop fisheries, "said Rector.


As a series of the Purnabakti ceremony, the seminar with theme "New Paradigm in Marine Fisheries" was also organized, and the Minister of State Enterprises, Dr. Mustafa Abubakar, was invited as the keynote speaker. In addition, the Deputy Minister of Industry, Prof. Alex S.W. Retraubun, and Prof.. Takafumi Arimoto from Tokyo University of Marine Science Technology were invited and as Guest Speakers.


Related to the  tradition of the Department of Fisheries Resource Utilization (PSP) Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences (FPIK) IPB, that every Professors who will terminate his service (Purnabakti), he/she is required to publish all he/she has while she/he has been serving the institute into a book, on this occassion <

Published Date : 18-Jul-2011

Resource Person : John Haluan

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