Creative Thinking to Support the Social Technopreneurship

Indonesia is a country rich in natural resources. The sentence is so familiar for all of us. But it is not a new thing if to hear often that the level of poverty and unemployment in Indonesia is still high.


The Director of Recognition and Mentoring Program (RAMP-IPB), Dr. Aji Hermawan, stated stated in the National Seminar and Expo "Social Technopreneurship 2011", held by RAMP IPB in Bogor, on 11-26 July 2011, that "Unfortunately, Indonesia is not mastering the technology well, currently Indonesian economy is superior in producing  raw materials only”.


Further, Dr. Aji stated that we do not know how to process the Indonesian products to have high added value, these opportunities are  then taken over by foreign companies. According to Dr. Aji, 1 (one)  example is the chocolate. Indonesia is the third-largest producer of Chocolate in the world, but so far we control how to produce the raw material only. Higher  technology as how to process this into further products is still unknown for us.


The Seminar was participated by 15 representatives form Indonesian universities, and the objective is to provide solutions to alleviate poverty and unemployed problems in Indonesia. The  Social Teknopreneurship program selected idelaist innovative students with various disciplines background from universities in Indonesia. They will be trained to sharpen their capabilities to generate innovative ideas, evaluate, develop appropriate technology, establish new business, market and manage the financial,  practical financing for a technology-based enterprises. In addition, the seminar was expected to screen candidates for a new social technopreneurships, to be qualified and be developed through pre- incubation and business incubation.


The one  who has invented this simple technology through this program is  Rizki R Hidayat. A fresh-gruadute student from the Dept. of Marine Science and Technology- Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science (FPIK)  has successfully invented a simple technology to distille sea water into fresh water.


The simple desalting water technology has been utilized by Thousand island communities, they put the package above their floating cages in the sea, as they have difficulties to get potable water  in the middle of the sea, said Rizki. From the 2 x 1 x 1m container containing  20 liters of sea water, will be  obtained  600 grams of salt, and 3 liters of fresh water, he said. (Wied).


Published Date : 18-Jul-2011

Resource Person : Aji Hermawan

Keyword : ipb